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What type of natural stone floor tile is the most durable?

There is no significant difference
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Question: What type of natural stone floor tile is the most durable?
Top Answer (55% of 59 votes): Granite.

Answer: Marble
Explanation: Marble is generally the most durable in terms of penetration per sq ft tolerance. It is also the least likely to break or sheer. There are exceptions but as a general rule marble is marginally better then granite, travertine and slate. Generally limestone, sandstone and flagstone are much less scratch resistant as they are generally softer materials. This softness does however make them less prone to breakage and are a good material for areas with a lot of movement and temperature differences.
Rafael Tile Works
Answer: Granite
Explanation: Granite is generally considered the most durable. Granite, formed from cooled magma beneath the Earth’s surface, is one of the hardest materials available. It handles high foot traffic well and is highly resistant to scratches, dents, spills, and stains. This makes it suitable for areas in your home with heavy use, like kitchens and hallways. Other stones like slate, marble, and sandstone are also popular choices for stone flooring due to their durability and resistance to wear. However, each type of stone has its own unique properties and maintenance requirements. For instance, some types of stone may require regular sealing to protect against stains and damage. Overall, when choosing a natural stone floor tile, it’s important to consider not only durability but also the maintenance requirements, the area of installation, and how the stone’s appearance complements your home’s design
DS Contracting
Answer: Granite
Explanation: Due to its durability, granite is the ideal stone flooring option for kitchens. It's highly resistant to wear, and you apply sealant if you want to protect it further.
Touch Of Timber LLC
Answer: Granite
Explanation: GRANITE is a natural stone and one of hardest material known for flooring, comes polished or flamed, Used in office lobbies and entryways,use Flamed finish exterior applications. TRAVERTINE is very durable natural stone, can get Honed or Polished, Non-slippery, more affordable than other stones, long lasting with regular maintenance. MARBLE is a naturally dense material with wide color selection, variation and veining, keeps cool in hot weather due to thermal mass, can be used for flooring which gives a elegant look, not recommended to use Polished Marble in wet areas. SLATE is extremely durable, not suitable for high traffic area's but suitable for Bathroom and Kitchens. LIMESTONE has medium durability and not as hard as other stones, can be used for flooring, limestone is a porous stone and has to be sealed, Ideal for bathrooms and backsplash, needs regular maintenance. SANDSTONE one of the most durable Non Porous natural stone withstands extreme heat and weather conditions, used mainly exterior applications, for Indoor use Porcelain tile that replicates sandstone texture and colors. FLAGSTONE is a very durable stone, come in various thickness from 1 inch to 3 inches comes in various sizes and shapes used for Patios and walk ways.
Domann Tile Inc
Answer: Granite
Explanation: Granite is extremely dense and extremely hard, far more than sandstone or even marble. When kne is considering a product for the sheer durability alone, granite stands out as number one.
Reformation Tile & Stone
Answer: Granite
Explanation: the hardest stone
TAC Tile
Answer: Granite
Explanation: Because it's water proof
Lanes custom tile
Answer: Granite
Explanation: Stone tile is typically more durable than ceramic tiles. Some stones are harder than other stones depending on grade of tile this will also play a role in durability.
Answer: Granite
Explanation: Granite tile is the most dense of natural stones on this list. Though most people don’t install granite on floors. Over the years I’ve noticed most flooring selections are really about color, style and cost per square foot.
Utopia Tile & Stone
Answer: Granite
Explanation: Granite is the hardest natural stone. The only natural stones harder than granite are diamonds, rubies and sapphires.
NC Tile Installations
Answer: Granite
Explanation: It's the most durable, but not the most popular. Travertine is durable and most popular.
Seaside Stone and Tile, LLC
Answer: Granite
Explanation: Granite because granite is the harder of the natural stones listed above travertine has a very fast wear pattern occurrence for high traffic areas after a year or so of medium to heavy traffic and you will actually see an indentation where people have walked because the stone is so soft
Charles barnett
Answer: Granite
Explanation: Granite because of its hard surface throw&throw an pretty much scratch proff
T K stone & tile
Answer: Travertine
Explanation: Layered stone like slate and bonded stone like sandstone will deteriorate much faster, and are more prone to do so under different climates and chemical cleaners, etc...
Dolphin Pools
Answer: Granite
Explanation: Greenwich probably the hardest of any of these
Foster Construction
Answer: Not sure
Explanation: Each has pros and cons. Selection due to application and desired appearance/function is what I discuss with my clients
A Better Flooring
Answer: Marble
Explanation: Because is the less porous and most solid stone
Prime Solutionz & GR a LUKYNY LLC
Answer: Granite
Explanation: granite is the most durable material for any purpose; countertops or flooring
United Granite Countertops
Answer: Not sure
Explanation: We do not do tile.
Carvalho Pavers
Answer: Granite
Explanation: This is the hardest stone compared to all the others.
Russell Tile
Answer: Marble
Explanation: All types of natural stone flooring products vary from each origin and age. But marble is the most durable of all types.
Colorful Homes Painting And Restoration
Answer: Slate
Explanation: Slate is the hardest stone and that would make it more durable. However. .slate is not recommended on main floors due to its variable textures.
TileCraft LLC
Answer: There is no significant difference
Explanation: They are all natural stone.
The Tile Smith
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